Frequently asked questions

Hopefully this will answer some of your questions!

When will I know my times?  We will email the draw to the address you used when entering. TO download it click here CCN2020

How do I get to the event? The address is 208 Cotter Road. You can view Equestrian Park in google maps.

What if I need to leave before prize giving?  You will need to find someone to represent you at the prize giving, or forfeit your prize.   This is a special part of the competition as it is where we thank our sponsors and volunteers.  Asking how long it is until prize giving only frustrates us as we all want to get home!

If you want to volunteer please contact us! Volunteers get looked after very well and earn a discount at the next event!

Cross country day is Sunday for all classes.  

Why do you run showjumping in numerical order? Given riders can ride in the correct order for dressage – why can riders not do the same for showjumping!  We do ask that riders do their level best to stick to numerical order -it makes it much easier for everyone.  When the draw is being created – great care is taken to try to give all riders sufficient time between all their rides.

Why do I need to be checked out by a medic if I fall off – even if I land on my feet?  The rules state that if you involuntarily dismount from your horse you need to be checked out by the medical team.  If you leave the venue without being seen, you risk a yellow card.


25 days to go!

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Yards list

If you booked a yard with NCHTA here are your allocations sorted in surname alphabetical order. NCHTA Yards032020
The first column is the location, the second the yard number, the next your surname.
PLEASE only use the yard allocated to you.  If you find a horse in the yard allocated to you, rather than putting your horse in one that looks free – contact Kate.
WB are located next to the wash bay (on the right of the access road)

K is behind the Kiosk.

CP are in the camping area on the LEFT of the access road.

If you booked with Southern cross you will find your allocations here: Southern Cross allocations
These are found in the camping area on the LEFT.  The stables are not the same location as the last few years (hopefully this will leave more room for parking for those with single/double/mesh/delux yards).

To get to the stables, drive into the camping area and drive up the hill, they are on the right in a clearing.
The SX yards are accessed by turning right once in the camping area and following the road around and up the hill.  There are port a loos there too.  There are several taps in the area aswell.

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Several rows didn’t get copied across in the 1* class, so here is the updated version – no riders where purposely missed!


2* riders – your back numbers have changed.

hall farm supplies

Don’t forget – if you need feed or bedding you can order from our sponsors Hall Farm Supplies on 6170 4278


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Updated draw and notes.

Here is the most recent draw: CCN2020

Please advise any scratchings to Kate ASAP as there are riders still on the waiting list.


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The timetable for the event is as follows:

Class Dressage SJ day SJ time XC (Sunday)
2* 12.30-3.17 Sun 12.00-12.40 2.50-3.11
1* 12.30-2.56 Sun 9.30-11.00 1.50-2.35
95 12.30-4pm Sat 2.30-5pm 12.20-1.35
80 8.00-12.00 Sat 10.00-1.30 10.25-12.05
60 8.00-12.00 sat 10.30-2pm 8.30-10.05

Things to note are:

  • All XC is on Sunday.
  • SJ is run across both days.
  • All jumping is run in numerical order  – no excuses (except if you’re a volunteer)
  • Thank you to our sponsors who have been very generous with their support.



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We have several events planned for 2020

January – Sam Lyle eventing clinic – enter online: NCHTA members have first right of entry – hence the password!

March – CCN event – running from EvA60 up to 2* Enter online now

June – Eventer Trial – Pairs XC with fancy dress, and SJ and XC rounds from 60cm up to 1*

September – CCI event EvA80 up to 4*

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Updated draw

As there were a few little errors with the first version – here is an updated one: Notes and drawv2

Sorry for the confusion!
Times for the first horse inspections will be advertised shortly.

Stable and yard allocations will be sent out on Wednesday.


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Rider notes and draw have been emailed

Draw has been emailed to all competitors – and is available to view/download by clicking this link: CCI19 draw

We’d like to remind everyone to support our sponsors who help make this event possible:

hall farm suppliesrosemont


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Block timetable

The draw is being finalised – but in the meantime here is the block timetable.


Click here to download/view the timetable with hyperlinks to tests

In other exciting news – we have numbered and flagged the course – with our new numbers – we have numbered the 1* with pink numbers, the EvA95 with GREY numbers with red dots, and the EvA80 with WHITE numbers.  We hope there will be less confusion as having red and pink together can challenge the best of us!

Copy of 7 days

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Working bees

Like many committees – NCHTA relies heavily on the generous contribution of the efforts of volunteers to help bring an event about.

There are the same familiar faces out there working hard in the lead up to our events, and those that maybe wish they had more time to be able to do more.  Juggling everything is not easy (trust me – I know all about that!).   Helping out at an event is a great way to connect with those involved with the sport – as well as lightening the load on those few who probably shouldn’t do as much as they do!

This weekend we will be at Equestrian Park preparing for the event – with jobs such as flagging (a much easier job now that we have plastic flags that don’t need to be hammered into the ground), laning and whipper-snipping around the jumps.  Some mowing will also need to be done on the ride on mowers.

We welcome everyone who wishes to join us – and especially those attending ACTSJC are welcome to pop out while waiting for their turn to join in!




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