Notes and draw – October 2020



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Canberra Horse Trials

It is all coming together – we have a draw!

Please take the time to read all the notes – it is very important that everyone follows the procedures we are required to put in place to run an event in the ACT.

Click this button to access the latest version of the draw.

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We are busily trying to work everything out and comply with the regulations of the ACT Government and things are looking good.

Those on the waiting list have been allocated a yard. An email is being sent to some riders, so check your emails!

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UPDATED times for XC courses

We have offical times for the courses.

3* 6:27

EvA95 5:08

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Cross country course maps

We are so lucky that local rider and NCHTA member Sophie Coutts has recorded all of the courses. They can be found on the cross country website. A reminder that our officials need to sign off on the distances and times. We will post when they have been signed off.

You can also download a paper version of each course.

EvA80 EvA95


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Yard allocations and map

Yard allocations are available and have been emailed to you.

We’ve also created an interactive map of the venue:

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Tips for this weekend.

It’s been a while since we’ve all been eventing – so here are some tips to help the weekend run smoothly:

  • Equestrian Park is located at 208 Cotter Road, Google Maps knows where it is. So please don’t go to the National Equestrian Centre! Click here for the map.
  • Your horse must have its number visible in all three phases. It can be on your saddle blanket, or a bridle number.
  • Don’t forget to print two copies of your back number.
  • If you fall off (bummer) please remember you will need to be seen by our medical team before you can ride again/leave the venue.
  • If you are eliminated in the SJ, come and talk to the TD and you may get permission to ride XC.
  • No whips in the dressage arena.
  • No callers for dressage.
  • Volunteering is fun and helps keep committees going so that they will run another event for you.
  • EvA80 and 1* riders, unless you are competing on Sunday, you MUST leave the venue as soon as you can.
  • Keep checking this website for more information!
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Back numbers

Eventing in COVID times means things are a little different than they used to be. Back numbers have been emailed to all riders – please check your emails. Remember to print two copies!

Since it’s been a while since we’ve been eventing, make sure your number holder doesn’t still have your old number from Canberra in March! If it’s got ink residue – eucalyptus oil on cotton wool will get it off.

Also – a timely reminder that if you have long hair, when you go XC please tie it up so that your hair doesn’t obstruct your backnumber, as it makes it difficult for jump judges to accurately record your number.

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Canberra Lakes Pony Club

Our local pony club are again running the canteen and have plenty of yummy homebake for sale as well as a yummy menu. Payment is by card.
If you require ice, orders are accepted at the canteen rather than the secretary’s tent. $5 a bag

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Event information


Only riders who are competing in the EvA80 and CCN1*S are able to arrive on Friday (after 3pm). The only exception to this is family/team members travelling in the same float/truck. If you are in these classes only then you will only have the yard available on Friday night.

Riders in the CCN3*S may arrive from 12noon on Saturday for your Dressage (timetable will be available shortly). Your yard will be available from Saturday afternoon only.

Riders who are competing in the EvA95 and CCN2*S, and CCN4*S must not arrive before 4pm on Saturday unless prior arrangements have been made with the organising committee. Your yard will be available from Saturday afternoon only.

If you are camping at the park, follow the signs to your regional area. Be mindful that some people will arrive late at night

You must use the yard you are allocated. Do not swap as you impact others that may arrive late a night. Allocated yard numbers will be sent out shortly. 

If you are riding both days in multiple classes then you will be allocated a yard from Friday afternoon through to Sunday.


All riders MUST leave the park as soon as practical after their last phase of the event. There will not be a formal prize giving ceremony for each class (thanks to COVID!!) prizes will be ready for collection after the protest period has expired (30 minutes after the results are posted)

Thanks for your patience and cooperation and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Waiting list

We are VERY aware everyone wants to know if they’ve got a place in the event. We are trying hard to navigate the intricate nature of running an event safely in these novel times.
We will be able to advise on Wednesday the 23rd who has been accepted.
In the meantime – stay safe!

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