Frequently asked questions

Hopefully this will answer some of your questions!

When will I know my times?  We will email the draw to the address you used when entering.  It will also be posted online on this site and on nominate too.

How do I get to the event? The address is 208 Cotter Road. You can view Equestrian Park in google maps.

What if I need to leave before prize giving?  You will need to find someone to represent you at the prize giving, or forfeit your prize.   This is a special part of the competition as it is where we thank our sponsors and volunteers.  Asking how long it is until prize giving only frustrates us as we all want to get home!

If you want to volunteer please contact us! Volunteers get looked after very well and earn a discount at the next event!

Helmet tagging? Yes, we will be tagging helmets at the event.  Times will be advertised closer to the event.  Your helmet needs to be tagged prior to competing.

Cross country day is Sunday for all classes.  

Where can I find the dressage tests? links are here:

Why do you run showjumping in numerical order? Given riders can ride in the correct order for dressage – why can riders not do the same for showjumping!  We do ask that riders do their level best to stick to numerical order -it makes it much easier for everyone.  When the draw is being created – great care is taken to try to give all riders sufficient time between all their rides.

I’m on the waiting list – will i get my entry fee back if i don’t get on the draw?  Yes! sometimes you might get accepted before the entries close if the other classes don’t fill up – so don’t despair – we will try very hard to get you into the event.

Why do I need to be checked out by a medic if I fall off – even if I land on my feet?  The rules state that if you involuntarily dismount from your horse you need to be checked out by the medical team.  If you leave the venue without being seen, you risk a yellow card.


25 days to go!

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We have several events planned for 2020

January – Sam Lyle eventing clinic – enter online: NCHTA members have first right of entry – hence the password!

March – CCN event – running from EvA60 up to 2* Enter online now

June – Eventer Trial – Pairs XC with fancy dress, and SJ and XC rounds from 60cm up to 1*

September – CCI event EvA80 up to 4*

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Updated draw

As there were a few little errors with the first version – here is an updated one: Notes and drawv2

Sorry for the confusion!
Times for the first horse inspections will be advertised shortly.

Stable and yard allocations will be sent out on Wednesday.


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Rider notes and draw have been emailed

Draw has been emailed to all competitors – and is available to view/download by clicking this link: CCI19 draw

We’d like to remind everyone to support our sponsors who help make this event possible:

hall farm suppliesrosemont


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Block timetable

The draw is being finalised – but in the meantime here is the block timetable.


Click here to download/view the timetable with hyperlinks to tests

In other exciting news – we have numbered and flagged the course – with our new numbers – we have numbered the 1* with pink numbers, the EvA95 with GREY numbers with red dots, and the EvA80 with WHITE numbers.  We hope there will be less confusion as having red and pink together can challenge the best of us!

Copy of 7 days

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Working bees

Like many committees – NCHTA relies heavily on the generous contribution of the efforts of volunteers to help bring an event about.

There are the same familiar faces out there working hard in the lead up to our events, and those that maybe wish they had more time to be able to do more.  Juggling everything is not easy (trust me – I know all about that!).   Helping out at an event is a great way to connect with those involved with the sport – as well as lightening the load on those few who probably shouldn’t do as much as they do!

This weekend we will be at Equestrian Park preparing for the event – with jobs such as flagging (a much easier job now that we have plastic flags that don’t need to be hammered into the ground), laning and whipper-snipping around the jumps.  Some mowing will also need to be done on the ride on mowers.

We welcome everyone who wishes to join us – and especially those attending ACTSJC are welcome to pop out while waiting for their turn to join in!




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July Newsletter

Check out the latest edition of ‘Trials & Tribulations‘.  Full (ish) of important information and contact details.

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Countdown tips and facts

In the lead up to the CCI-S event we are bringing a series of tips and facts to help you get ready and excited!

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to ensure you’re getting all the news.


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The almost endless list of jobs…

While it is 3 months until our next event – it’s never too early to look at the do to list for the event.

If you were wondering how an event gets up and running, and you see something that you can help out with – please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Kate (by email or whatever takes your fancy!).

Some of the tasks in the lead up to the event include:

  • Assisting with XC course building
  • flagging the XC course
  • whipper snipping around the XC jumps, dressage arenas, and yards
  • decorating the XC course
  • laning the XC course where the tracks go past the water jump and into the Cotter Plots so riders don’t go the wrong way!
  • moving the sprinklers on the sand arenas (does anyone have a spare sprinkler or two? – big ones, not pathetic little ones!)
  • Mid week prior to the event – gathering a team of people to help put the dressage arenas up (luckily we only need to build two – but we like to divide up the warm up arena as it can get a little chaotic in there!) and the letters need to be put around the 3 permanent arenas.

Friday of the event:

  • shopping at Costco for all the food for our volunteers – you will need a big car and several people – Lauren and I filled the ute with the two trolley loads and we didn’t get everything!
  • putting A-frame signs around the venue
  • putting all the rubbish bins out
  • collecting the programmes from KwikKopy in Phillip
  • cleaning the toilets (someone has to draw the short straw – and thank you to those who have done it in the past!)
  • getting all the folders for the dressage judges, show jumping officials and XC jump judges ready
  • set up the secretary/officials marquee – all the tables and chairs need to be moved from the shed down into the marquee.
  • put the boundary chain around the show jumping rings
  • help the SJ course builders with the two show jumping rings

The event itself requires many helpers – dressage pencillers, marshalls, pole pickers, gate marshals, XC jump judges, score sheet collectors to name but a few.  Please put your thinking caps on and consider friends, colleagues, horse fanatics or family members who can help out with any of those tasks.

THEN there’s the painful task of packing it all up again!  Sadly we don’t have a public holiday on the Monday – so we will try and do as much as we can on the Sunday afternoon – assuming we have any puff left!

So please don’t be shy – we are a slightly crazy but nonetheless awesome group of people, but don’t let that put you off!

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June Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is now available.

Newsletter no3 2019

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